Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

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Security Awareness Training

We run fully tailored training courses designed to help executives prepare for and alleviate the risks and challenges inherent in operating in unfamiliar and challenging environments.

Personal Security Module:

Threat & Risk Assessments Travel Tracking and Real / Near Time Tracking Principles of Personal Security Facebook The intelligence cycle: Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence collected from publicly available sources. Professional and academic records (papers, conferences, professional associations, etc. Lone worker

The Hostile Planning Cycle Module:

Planning Cycle Hostile Planning Cycle – 8 Stages Surveillance Detection and Confirmation Anti-surveillance techniques Contingency Planning.

Active Shooter Module:

To explain how you should respond if involved in an incident Potential danger signs How to respond when the Police/law enforcement arrives How to prepare and prevent Run, Hide, Tell – Active Shooter Scenario Emergency procedures in accommodation / Hotel

Electronic Surveillance Counter Methods:

To heighten your awareness To make you aware of the way in which you may be surveyed Highlight ways in which you can counter any surveillance activity targeted against you or your clients Surveillance is used to covertly monitor and record the activities of an individual or group For this application, cameras and audio equipment are concealed in everyday objects, or otherwise concealed location, such as a sprinkler head/ PIR internal or external i.e. a parked vehicle More commonly used are foot and vehicle techniques used by operatives on the ground Counter Surveillance is usually also covert, and is used to detect hostile surveillance of a client or his premises

Conflict Resolution Module:

Understanding Conflict Management Communication Assessing and reducing the risks in conflict situations De-escalating conflict in emotive situations Good practice following a conflict situation Physical intervention skills with the use of Pads, weapons group attacks etc.

Office & Residential Security Module:

Requirement for Continual Threat & Risk assessments Physical and procedural security measures Access Control Systems and Integrated Security (4d’s) Emergency Response Police and law Enforcement on scene Safe Rooms


Situation awareness confirmation of lessons learnt

Bespoke Security Training Courses

Our instructors are all qualified in their specialised field; they have a wealth of knowledge gained through working in hostile and challenging environments within the military, law enforcement and the private security industry.

T McAdams Security Training Solutions provide commissioned packages to our clients to meet all of their objectives. We do this by using the tried and tested ‘Systems Approach to Training’ (SAT), combined with project management methodology which ensures that courses are delivered on time, to the agreed standard and within budget.